Terms and conditions



  • 1. These business conditions and the Terms of Use, which is located on the website of Limousine Center is an integral Part of the contractual relationship between the Limousine Center GmbH and the users of Limousine Center, Chauffeur Center and all owned sites and subpages.

  • 2. The service of Limousine Center GmbH includes the linking of the web page of the users, the integrating of the user in to the pages very own inquiry system and the practice of marketing activities.  

  • 3. Limousine Center GmbH reserves the right to change parts ofits owned pages (including this terms and conditions) and the system, or to change, amend or improve the whole offer without prior notice. 

  • 4. The user assumes all responsibility for him/her as well as in the Limousine Center as his own website provided information data and offers. Limousine Center GmbH takes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness, quality or legality of the information provided in the owned sites. Liability claims against the author relating to damage of any kind caused by use, disuse or misuse of any information provided by the use of faulty, insincere and incomplete information are excluded.    

  • 5. Limousine Center GmbH also rejects all responsibility concerning the service quality, correct request and offer demand, the execution and payment of orders, or any other circumstances that may have been caused by business relationships which emerge between user's trough the sites of Limousine Center GmbH and any other way.     

  • 6. All requests and offers, which are made trough the Limousine Center system are initially unbinding.     

  • 7. The business relationship runs uninterrupted until notational terminated by either party with a grace period of three moths.   

  • 8. The user has the right to remove his link from the sites of Limousine Center GmbH. A right to a refund of paid contributions is excluded.   

  • 9. Limousine Center GmbH is authorise to remove a user from the system by presence of important reasons under his specification. Important reasons are among others: the indication of false data, the misuse of the systems or websites, the non payment of contributions, the disregard of privacy policies, a permanent and seriously poor service quality.  A right for any refund for contributions paid is also excluded. Limousine Center GmbH reserves the right to demand compensation when necessary.     

  • 10. All contracts entered with Limousine Center GmbH shall be governed by Swiss Law. Exclusive jurisdiction have the courts of Zurich.